Provide your residents with easy-to use, maintenance-free, wireless internet with our fully managed turnkey solution.

The network is move-in ready, with no software or hardware to install or configure.

eCrosstown provides property owners with a low cost, wireless, fully managed solution.

Our property owners realize clear and measurable revenue increases.

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About Us

Founded in 2005, eCrosstown LLC is a wireless Internet service provider offering managed carrier class, community-wide WiFi service to multi-family housing.

Reliable and Secure
eCrosstown’s WiFi network provides residents with reliable and secure community-wide wireless access. We provide:
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Secure user access
  • Set your property apart with cost-effective, wireless internet.
  • Community-wide wireless internet, helping you maximize occupancy, retain residents, and increase revenue.
  • eCrosstown provides the most cost-effective WiFi network in the market — an amenity that elevates market rent for property owners.
” Free WiFi is #4 on residents’ top amenities list. “
Source: Trulia
Source: Trulia, Microsoft

Why WiFi?

Increase Revenue While Providing Free Service

Turnkey Solution:
eCrosstown procures all network, management, user access and support calls, so you can focus on managing your property, not your wireless network.
No Upfront Capital Required:
Our self-configuring systems allow you to deploy in days throughout all apartment homes and common areas.
Maximize Occupancy:
Residents rate high-quality WiFi service as the No. 4 desired amenity. We provide your residents outstanding WiFi that’s easy to use.
Retain Residents:
Improve your occupancy through more rentals and higher retention rates with resident satisfaction that will differentiate your property.
Very Affordable:
Our superior technology enables WiFi coverage at a fraction of competitors’ solutions. Offer it as an amenity, or activate our easy-to-use billing system and enable residents to pay for the service by the hour, day, week or month.


Connecting to the Network with a Computer
Locate your computer’s list of available wireless networks. On a Mac device, this is done by accessing the airport icon on the device’s home screen. On a PC, access the network utility which is usually found in the lower right hand corner of the Windows’ home screen. Once the list of wireless networks is displayed, choose to connect to the network that has the same name as your apartment community. Please note, this will display as a secured network. When prompted, enter the security key that has been provided to you. Some computers require that the security key be entered twice to connect. The security key must be entered exactly as it was given to you. Once connected, open your internet browser. You will be directed to a welcome screen where you can either log in or create a new account if you are a new user.
Connecting to the Network with a Non-Computer Wireless Device
All non-computer wireless devices connecting to the network must connect through the network named: OWD-“Your Apartment Community.” This includes but is not limited to all gaming systems, bluray players, nooks, kindles, and wireless televisions. Please note that these devices are prohibited on the main network and must only connect through the OWD-“Your Apartment Community” network.
If further technical support is needed, you may email our technical support department at: or you may call our answering service at 1-888-987-WiFi (9434). When calling the answering service, you will be prompted to leave a message. Our technician will investigate your issue and return your call as soon as possible. Click here to view our Troubleshooting section.

When connecting, view the device list of available wireless networks and select the network named OWD-“Your Apartment Community.” Please note that this network will display as a secured network. When prompted, enter your security key that has been provided to you.

The device will be on the internet once the connection is established.

It is the user’s responsibility to understand how to use his/her wireless device. The user may need to refer to the device’s manual as appropriate. We are unable to provide directions on how to use your wireless device.

Creating an Account for Computer Usage
When you access the internet for the first time, you will need to create a personalized log in account. An active email address is required as your user name. Communication may be sent regarding your wireless account at times, therefore, it is important to use an active email address. Along the bottom half of the Welcome screen are the fields that are required to request a new account. Please be sure to include your first AND last name when registering the account. There are no specific requirements for the password, any combination of letters and numbers will do. When you are done filling out the fields, click “create new account.” After your new account is requested, it may take up to 24 hours to match your name to the list of authorized users in your apartment community.
Once Your Computer Usage Account is Active
Once your account is active and you log in, your computer will go directly to your internet browser’s homepage. At this point, you are connected to the internet. You will be prompted to log in again through the same welcome screen as often as your community has specified, usually every few days. This keeps the network exclusive to those living at the apartment community.
Restricted/Prohibited Use
The uploading or downloading of unauthorized files (including movies and music) is strictly prohibited. This includes unauthorized files found on sites such as Limewire or BitTorrent (or any torrent site). Failure to comply may result in loss of internet privileges.
Minimum Recommended System Requirements
If using a Windows operating system, we recommend that Windows 2000 or newer is used. If a desktop computer with a wireless adapter is being used, residents are responsible to make sure that the proper drivers are loaded on the computer. In addition, while users are welcome to use them, we are unable to troubleshoot your desktop computer if it cannot see our wireless access points.


If you are having difficulty accessing the internet, you may try any of
the following troubleshooting suggestions:

Unable to Access List of Available Wireless Networks:

– Make sure that the wireless switch of your device is in the ‘ON’ position. Although it varies by laptop computer manufacturer, the wireless switch is commonly located either on the front or on the side of the laptop. Please refer to your computer manual for the location of the wireless switch for your device.

– If you are using a desktop computer with a USB wireless adapter, be sure that you have followed the installation directions, including using any CD’s provided in the device packaging. Be sure that the USB device is plugged in securely to a USB port on the PC and that the device being used is compatible with your computer.

– If your computer shows a connection to the internet, but is unable to open a webpage.

– It may be necessary to clear the internet history including temporary files and cookies from your computer.

– You may also need to temporarily disable your antivirus or firewall protection to determine if this is blocking your internet access.

Computer Is Slow and/or Frozen:

– We recommend restarting your device and reestablishing a fresh connection to the internet.

Helpful Information:

 When using a wireless connection, we recommend doing a physical restart of your computer at least one time per day to give the computer a fresh start.

– We recommend using one web page at a time in order to have optimum internet usage.

– We recommend minimizing the number of unused programs running on your desktop as this may slow down your computer.


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